Nest Egg Management, Inc.





Why Nest Egg Management?

Brad Egna has worked with dozens of individuals and family business owners in exploring the sale of all or a part of their businesses.  We appreciate that this can be a very personal and emotional process. Brad personally started, grew and sold his company after 18 years of hard work.

Nest Egg Management recognizes that every business owner, in addition to purely financial considerations, has their own individual objectives when contemplating a transaction.  Nest Egg Management will work with you, according to your timetable, to creatively structure a tax efficient transaction that best meets your objectives.   

The core of the Nest Egg Management investment philosophy is a long-term partnership with owners and management based on the following principles:

Management Independence

Nest Egg Management works very closely with senior management and believes the executive management team is solely responsible for running the day-to-day operations of the business.  Our role is mainly to provide advice and support at the board level and help management’s operating and strategic vision with capital, financial, operating and strategic expertise.

Alignment of Interests

All of our transactions are structured to provide senior management with meaningful equity ownership--we can be a minority or majority partner.  Executives may invest alongside of us because we believe it is a great way for them to build wealth.

We have significant experience in providing capital to business owners that are interested in:

·       Transferring a family business to the next generation

·       Selling a business to the management team who helped build the company

·       Capital to finance growth initiatives

·       Selling a business outright