Nest Egg Management, Inc.





About Nest Egg Management, Inc.

Nest Egg Management, Inc. is a privately owned firm that directs client investment in small and middle-market businesses and real estate with solid fundamentals and a history of stable cash flow and/or attractive growth prospects.  Nest Egg Management leverages the Managing Principal's 20 + years of direct operating experience in consumer products, marketing, licensing, apparel and international trade.


We focus on family owned businesses, non-core divisions of larger private organizations and small-cap public companies that possess sustainable niche franchises with strong fundamentals.  We provide strategic planning and managerial support, if needed.  We can assist businesses by facilitating a generational transition, replacing minority non-strategic shareholders, provide liquidity to owners and/or use our operating experience to help growth and profitability.


Post closing, Nest Egg Management works actively alongside management to help build long-term company value.  We use our extensive relationships among senior executives and operating-level managers to provide business and technical expertise, management talent and industry specific investment analysis.


Nest Egg Management, Inc. is based in New York with capital committed by various closely-held private partnerships and does not source outside investors at this time.