Nest Egg Management, Inc.





Relationship Approach

Nest Egg Management, Inc. values its relationship with our network of business brokers, investment banks, accountants, lawyers and other intermediaries.  We are deeply committed to maintaining the highest standards of confidentiality, integrity and professionalism and will respond to inquiries promptly and decisively.  Nest Egg Management is committed to executing transactions on a timely basis and to structuring flexible solutions tailored to the particular needs of the seller.

Our program for interacting with intermediaries is based on the following:

·       Confidential review of opportunities with quick initial turnaround

·       Clearly defined and articulated investment parameters

·       Streamlined internal approval process

·       Professional treatment of sellers and management teams that reflects well on Nest Egg Management and intermediaries

We routinely pay generous success based referral fees to intermediaries.  We also regularly retain intermediaries for buy-side engagements in industries or sectors that are of particular interest to us.